For Parents

As part of the HappiFamli Brand Network, HappiCampr exists to share the magic of camp and make life easier for parents in Central Texas who aspire to find the right enrichment opportunities for children over five. From summer camps, to after-school programs and everything in between, HappiCampr is a useful marketplace, recommendation tool, and booking engine fed by an AI updated database. With customizable advanced searches, a visual planner, and a universal application, our dreamy set of features are sure to make you a HappiCampr.

So...What can we do for you? Plenty.


Search, find, and save options from an expansive list of afterschool,  summer and holiday camps and classes. Channel your inner Sinatra and do it your way. Slice, dice, search, and filter the GO-TO RESOURCE WITH  THE MOST CAMPS IN ONE PLACE IN AUSTIN. Go ahead, check. We’ll wait. 


Create and save a search parameters so you can check it later. Add a bunch of those search results to your Favorites List. ‘Nuff said...

Coming January 2019


Parents can take results directly from listing searches and saved favorites and put them in a drag and drop visual calendaring tool to plan out their summer or an entire year all in one step. Drag and drop camps and kids into weeks. Change it up, move it around. Optimize. Register and then keep track of fees and dates. Print & share at will..


Instead of 12 applications (6 each for 2 kids) this summer, fill out 2… once. Forever. Parents create one data set for their family and can use it apply for camps, classes and schools..

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